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A wedding planner is a professional who assists with planning and organization of weddings.


Bar/bat mitzvahs


Wedding anniversaries

Engagement parties


Family reunions

We pride ourselves on producing each event according to your specific needs.

  Our experience in planning private events ensures that whatever your goals,

they will be met…and exceeded.

We will make your event truly special through a customized program, all the special features you desire, and a sense of style for which you will receive all the



About Us

Gilat aviv  founded Gilmor with a vision
To produce original VIP  events
A memorable Bar Mitzvah, the perfect holiday
cocktail party, a blow-out birthday bash, or maybe the wedding of your dreams…

Gilmor specializes in the production of opening events , launchings (charity events (galas dance recitals   , annual ballsand any business or private production   that knows no limits of the imagination.With over 10 years experience in producing events, television and sales promotions
and with the help of a creative and professional production crew, all events benefit from an extensive streamlined production, from the initial planning and through to the final production stages.

All productions are conducted according to
 Gilmor event production method

Gilmor provides complete production security and functions through creating a strategic long term partnership with its clients
The high professional competence and the vast experience that Gilmor possesses in documenting events (video and stills), provide your event with an additional significant advantage: quality material for promotion and public relations.

( fantastic quality documentation for promotion and public relations purposes)

The crown, Gilmor’s symbol, represents the high service standard that the company offers to its clientele.

Gilat Aviv
Gilat has acquired a vast range of experience via many years of producing television shows and promotional videos for a wide variety of media entities. Recently she has produced events for the “Michal Nagrin Design” company.
Aside from her wide spread experience in the production field, Gilat specializes
in filming and editing event footage for promotional and public relations purposes.


Gilmor, at your service by your standards

The Gilmor Method

Due to our long years of experience,
and with the purpose
 of producing a meticulous
and creative event for you,
we have created the
Gilmor method of event production

Narrow objectives

Any event has an objective, business or personal.
The Gilmor method is based on the belief that
in order to achieve an objective –
one must first narrow it.
The process of narrowing includes thorough knowledge of your business,
characterization of your target audience and it style,
distinctions between the primary objective and the secondary ones and more.
This stage is concluded with an event characterization document (a brief)
that accompanies us throughout the production stages

Brain Storming

The creative team (idea people and designers) receive the brief.
They storm it! Spice it up! And create ideas that give the event that
extra ingredient that your guests will not be soon to forget.
All the planning is suited to the vision, the concept
and the label strategy of your event.
The ideas are delivered to you in a presentation,
all it needs is your approval – and the production takes off.

Clear Boundaries

For any event, a full and detailed production plan is laid out,
while clearly taking in account the budget and schedule limits.
The plan includes selecting a location,
features (local and overseas artist, presenters, fashion shows, dancers etc.),
music, catering, bars, décor, lighting,
video and stills footage and all other components of the event.
The entire production team is obligated to a precise execution
of every stage of the production.

Connecting Ideas

All plans, ideas and objectives meet and
unite into a single streamlined creation.
The Gilmor team and the supplier managers meet
and connect all the ideas and links – into an event.
The production manager (Gilat or Mor) accompanies you personally
throughout the production stages.
All that rests on your head is a crown.
The compliments are on their way.

 The Gilmor team.


ייעוץ והכוונה בבחירת המקום לאירוע

מתוך מאגר רחב של מקומות לאירועים

לפי תקציב וסגנון

מתלבטים ? לא מכירים מקומות  ? פנו אלינו עוד היום ותמצאו את המקום המיוחד לאירוע שלכם



כל הפתרונות והספקים לאירוע

ייעוץ וגיבוש קונספט לאירוע

הגברה ועיצוב תאורה

שירותי קיטרינג ודוכני מזון

שירותי בר לאירועים

עיצוב אירועים

גני אירועים /וילות עם בריכה לאירועים

מקומות מיוחדים לאירועים

מוזיקה והופעות לאירועים

מוצרי קד"מ ומתנות לאירועים

אטרקציות לאירועים

הצללה ואוהלים לאירועים


גילמור ב- youtube ובfacebook


 גילמור הפקות אירועים והצוות המקצועי שלה מפיקים עבורכם בארץ ובחו"ל

 אירועים מיוחדים בשילוב מגוון קונספטים ותוכן

 שישאירו זיכרונות קסומים מכל אירוע.

        GILMOR Events can help with all your social event planning needs, from decorating the grandest ballroom right down to coordinating the smallest detail.

Let the professionals help you create any event you can imagine!


גילמור הפקות אירועים

שד' רוקח 101 גני התערוכה תל-אביב


טל': 972-77-5177807:Office

פלאפון: 972-52-2456313 Mobil

Email: gilat@gilmor.co.il

כתובת למשלוח מכתבים: ת.ד. 1006 רמת גן

 Producteurs d'événements

 Un mariage en Israël

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